Ramblings – 09/29/2021

Long Time Away!

What’s going on my friends? It’s really been a long time since I wrote.

It appears as though once I sit down to write I seem to get sidetracked. Well, not this time! So much to write about and so much has happened since my last Ramblings on 7/27. Ah where do I start………..

We will start with the fact that I can now walk fairly normal after tearing my Achilles’ tendon in May. This is a good thing so that I can walk the dog and get around by myself. My poor wife dealt with the brunt of my injury having to walk the dog and all the other items on my “I need to do this walking” list…. I am thankful for the Physical Therapists that took care of me for six weeks.

Lots of News these days…. let’s see we still have Covid, we still have the great mask debate, we still deal with tons of misinformation that is spread constantly and then we have major weather events and the withdrawal from Afghanistan. I think that may cover it don’t you? I guess I’ll ramble about each one:

Covid: Well people are still being crazy about the vaccine and wether to wear a mask or not. I think this is all crazy…. so many lives have been and will be lost because people don’t trust each other any more. So sad …………I pray that people will finally wake up and help each other.

Well I hope those of you who don’t think Climate Change is real will begin to wake up and see the vast changes in our weather. Massive fires in West are burning thousands of acres that will take years to restore, along with loss of homes and life. Major category 4 storms hit the Gulf coast and destroy towns and massive flooding in the south and mid west….let alone the heat waves we have had in the east and torrential rains. We had better wake up soon.

I am glad we are out of Afghanistan but what a mess it was for us to get out of there and I must admit I feel very sad for all those lives lost for what and lives altered forever by serving there so long. My prayer is that somewhow we can find peace in that part of the world and learn from our past experiences as a country as to how to interact in the crazy world we find ourselves in.

The newest peice of News in my life is that I have to have a biopsy in October…..rest assured I am ready and able to deal with whatever I am dealt here. My faith has been strengthened thoughout the past months and I now realize that nothing can separate me from the love and peace of God. My daily Bible readings and study and a lot of prayer has truly helped me get through some pretty rough times. Also I am blessed with a family that loves and supports me .

More music is on the horizon so stay tuned for more of my music. I hope you will enjoy it.

Well that’s all for now. I hope that you all have a blessed day and do something kind for someone. Peace and Love

The Retired IT and Musician Guy

Published by The Retired IT and Musician plus God does Love You!

Retired IT Professional and Musician

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