I have not written to you my frineds since..it feels forever. Actully my last post was on 9/29/2021…..a long time ago. So what’s been happening to the Retired IT Guy and Musician…well let me begin by saying it has been a ride so far.

The last time I wrote Covid was in the news a great mask debate was going on and we were getting out of Afghanistan. Let’s see we still have Covid with a very catchable variant, we still have issues with people wearing masks….will we ever learn! The world is still the cazy place it was when I last wrote.

I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy and safe…. Unfortuantely I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in October. I am currently having hormone therapy and I will have surgery next week to get me ready to have radiation treatments going forward. I have been so busy going to the doctor that it took a lot of time away from me writing and making music.

Today I finaly felt like playing music and writing. The hormone shots take away a lot of my energy. But I hope to be back writing and creating some cool sounds for you all.

I just added a new piece of music with a synthesizer my son gave me…. Its a Korg Monotron Delay….A realy cool little gadget!

I ask for your prayers as I go through this, if that is something you can do. Otherwirse I will be back soon with more stuff. Please stay well and do not loose hope for the future.


The Retired It And Musician Guy

Published by The Retired IT and Musician plus God does Love You!

Retired IT Professional and Musician

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