02/14/2022 -More Ramblings

Well it’s Super Bowl Monday….. The day that we in America recover from over eating and drinking every February. I was excited this year to see two teams play that have made great strides in rebuilding their team. It was a great game, not a blow out like some but both teams played hard….I was hoping the Bengals wouod win but that was not in the cards.

So surgey to get me ready for radiation therapy was accomplisheed last Thursday and I have been recocvering well in that past few days. Catheder comes out in two days so I will be back to normal….. Amen!

Hope all is well with everyone….the latest Covid surge appears to be getting better but still many people are sick and unvaccinated. War seems likely in the Ukraine and inflattion is very high…..its costing more and more to live where I do. I pray you all are ok and able to afford your bills. My other prayer is that these things will somehow get better….maybe someone, somewhere will be able to find the answers to our problems…I hope so.

While recovering I am writing some music and have posted it on my Sound Cloud page. I hope you enjoy the sounds.

Well. be well, be safe and we will talk again soon.

The Retired IT and Musician Guy!

Published by The Retired IT and Musician plus God does Love You!

Retired IT Professional and Musician

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