Ramblings – 02/28/2022

Wow what a crazy few weeks it has been.I had two surgeries and rcovered, prepared for radiation therapy and the world went to pot….. I wanted to use anothe word but decided I would be good. Yup…

Yup Here we go! Someone please tell me why Putin is going after The Ukraine? Just don’t get it. I know there is historically a rub between the two countries but come on! These people don’t deserve this treatment. I Posted a prayer prepared by the Reformed Chuch in America for the people of the Ukraine. I just cannot believe we now live in a world so messed up, a world where one man can reap so much terror and destruction on innocent people. Please pray with me for peace, cool heads and love amongst all peoples.

So now this Thursday, I begin 5 1/2 weeks of Radiation Therapy for y canc3r. I am really glad therapy will begin soon and trust that the good Lord will see me and my wife through this. The hospital has made it very convenient for us Oncology patients, with a separate entrance and parking plus other little things to help ease the pain of everday therapy. I will let you all know hiow the first treatment goes.

More music is coming!


The Retired IT and Musician Guy

Published by The Retired IT and Musician plus God does Love You!

Retired IT Professional and Musician

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