Ramblings – 02/28/2022

Wow what a crazy few weeks it has been.I had two surgeries and rcovered, prepared for radiation therapy and the world went to pot….. I wanted to use anothe word but decided I would be good. Yup… Yup Here we go! Someone please tell me why Putin is going after The Ukraine? Just don’t getContinue reading “Ramblings – 02/28/2022”

04/12/2021- The Day After……

The Day After? What? Sunday, my birthday where I turned old…..or is it the day after I decided to be more happy, peaceful and more helpful to all? It’s all of the above…. I did turn a year older yesterday, it is Monday which comes after Sunday. And…. I am making a concerted effort toContinue reading “04/12/2021- The Day After……”