Hi, Everyone,

My hope is you are all well and safe. I have been delayed in getting the Podcast up and running but have created a new song for you. It can be found on my Music page. Please go there and I hope you will enjoy it. It is called “The Noise In My Head”.

The past few days have been filled with many Dr appointments. But we are getting there. At least I can walk with the assistance of a cane, which I am very grateful for.

I keep remembering the 5 things I do every day to stay positive and It Works! Please say a prayer for my friend who we just found out had a cancerous brain tumor removed and is recovering in the hospital! Stay Tuned for the Podcast and enjoy the Music.

The Retired IT and Musician Guy!


I am back!…. not from the dead but from what seems a very long time. When I last wrote I had begun dealing with Prostate Cancer. I still am but radiation did work except for my legs. I am now having issues walking… I need a cane and my legs feel like they have 50 lb. weights on them all the time. The neurologist says I have neuropathy in both legs and feet. But thanks to physical therapy 2 days a week I am able to walk but the pain is constant. Today for whatever reason is a day I need to stay put and rest. Good News is cancer appears to have abated for now. I still have hormone therapy for 2 years. All Good.

So how are all my friends?…. I hope and pray that you are all well. It has been so long since we chatted. Lots of stuff has happened in the world and I assume your lives have changed. I ho[e and pray for the best for all of you.

I thought I would start a discussion about keeping a positive outlook as we go through our days together. It is sometimes hard for me to stay positive. I tend to want to wallow in my feelings of pain and not being able to walk. correctly and without pain. Today is one of those days. I need to just sit and it truly bothers me that I cannot move around pain-free and do things. It takes a lot of mind power to stay positive. So what do I do?

  1. I pray a lot. I ask Jesus to help me stay strong and positive. This really does work believe it or not. A simple prayer for help to stay strong gets me going again.
  2. I try not to dwell on the pain or negative stuff. I concentrate on positive things. I ensure that I keep my mind on the beauty that is around me and the blessings that I have been given.
  3. I try to list my blessings at least in my mind, sometimes on paper and that takes to negativity away
  4. I write music to let my feelings be heard and felt. This truly helps me. So if you guys are having these feelings I hope you can find something you love to do to help center your mind on the positive.

So these are the things I do to keep myself in a positive light. There are so many things that can give us negative vibes these days, and I wanted to share o of my thoughts on staying positive. I hope these items help.

As we move forward with my blog and podcasts I hope we can help each other to stay focused on the positive side of life .

Photo by Bekka Mongeau on Pexels.com

Peace and Love to you all!

The Retired IT and Musician Guy


It has been a long time my friends and a lot has passed under the bridge. We will begin catching up in our weekly blog and podcast.

I have written some more music which is available on the Music page, so enjoy. Can’t wait to write and catch up next week. Be well, safe and blessed.

The Retired It and Musician Is Back! The Retired IT Guy and Musician

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07242022-Hot Sunday

We are in the midst of a very long heat wave. so we have been indoors in A/C all day., Pip the blind Lab didn’t want to walk too far and was glad to come inside.

You know when you check the temperature of the pool water and it reads 100 degrees that the day is HOT! It sure is here today in the northeast,

Just like the desert here!

I have been recovering from prostate cancer and the many radiation treatments I have had. I will give you the details in another post. But please pray with vigor all those who have dealt with any type of cancer.

Please go to my Music page on this site for some new music I have written. I hope you enjoy it.

Stay safe and well and I will write again real soon!

The Retired IT Guy and Musician

Ramblings – 02/28/2022

Wow what a crazy few weeks it has been.I had two surgeries and rcovered, prepared for radiation therapy and the world went to pot….. I wanted to use anothe word but decided I would be good. Yup…

Yup Here we go! Someone please tell me why Putin is going after The Ukraine? Just don’t get it. I know there is historically a rub between the two countries but come on! These people don’t deserve this treatment. I Posted a prayer prepared by the Reformed Chuch in America for the people of the Ukraine. I just cannot believe we now live in a world so messed up, a world where one man can reap so much terror and destruction on innocent people. Please pray with me for peace, cool heads and love amongst all peoples.

So now this Thursday, I begin 5 1/2 weeks of Radiation Therapy for y canc3r. I am really glad therapy will begin soon and trust that the good Lord will see me and my wife through this. The hospital has made it very convenient for us Oncology patients, with a separate entrance and parking plus other little things to help ease the pain of everday therapy. I will let you all know hiow the first treatment goes.

More music is coming!


The Retired IT and Musician Guy

02/14/2022 -More Ramblings

Well it’s Super Bowl Monday….. The day that we in America recover from over eating and drinking every February. I was excited this year to see two teams play that have made great strides in rebuilding their team. It was a great game, not a blow out like some but both teams played hard….I was hoping the Bengals wouod win but that was not in the cards.

So surgey to get me ready for radiation therapy was accomplisheed last Thursday and I have been recocvering well in that past few days. Catheder comes out in two days so I will be back to normal….. Amen!

Hope all is well with everyone….the latest Covid surge appears to be getting better but still many people are sick and unvaccinated. War seems likely in the Ukraine and inflattion is very high…..its costing more and more to live where I do. I pray you all are ok and able to afford your bills. My other prayer is that these things will somehow get better….maybe someone, somewhere will be able to find the answers to our problems…I hope so.

While recovering I am writing some music and have posted it on my Sound Cloud page. I hope you enjoy the sounds.

Well. be well, be safe and we will talk again soon.

The Retired IT and Musician Guy!


I have not written to you my frineds since..it feels forever. Actully my last post was on 9/29/2021…..a long time ago. So what’s been happening to the Retired IT Guy and Musician…well let me begin by saying it has been a ride so far.

The last time I wrote Covid was in the news a great mask debate was going on and we were getting out of Afghanistan. Let’s see we still have Covid with a very catchable variant, we still have issues with people wearing masks….will we ever learn! The world is still the cazy place it was when I last wrote.

I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy and safe…. Unfortuantely I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in October. I am currently having hormone therapy and I will have surgery next week to get me ready to have radiation treatments going forward. I have been so busy going to the doctor that it took a lot of time away from me writing and making music.

Today I finaly felt like playing music and writing. The hormone shots take away a lot of my energy. But I hope to be back writing and creating some cool sounds for you all.

I just added a new piece of music with a synthesizer my son gave me…. Its a Korg Monotron Delay….A realy cool little gadget!

I ask for your prayers as I go through this, if that is something you can do. Otherwirse I will be back soon with more stuff. Please stay well and do not loose hope for the future.


The Retired It And Musician Guy

Ramblings – 09/29/2021

Long Time Away!

What’s going on my friends? It’s really been a long time since I wrote.

It appears as though once I sit down to write I seem to get sidetracked. Well, not this time! So much to write about and so much has happened since my last Ramblings on 7/27. Ah where do I start………..

We will start with the fact that I can now walk fairly normal after tearing my Achilles’ tendon in May. This is a good thing so that I can walk the dog and get around by myself. My poor wife dealt with the brunt of my injury having to walk the dog and all the other items on my “I need to do this walking” list…. I am thankful for the Physical Therapists that took care of me for six weeks.

Lots of News these days…. let’s see we still have Covid, we still have the great mask debate, we still deal with tons of misinformation that is spread constantly and then we have major weather events and the withdrawal from Afghanistan. I think that may cover it don’t you? I guess I’ll ramble about each one:

Covid: Well people are still being crazy about the vaccine and wether to wear a mask or not. I think this is all crazy…. so many lives have been and will be lost because people don’t trust each other any more. So sad …………I pray that people will finally wake up and help each other.

Well I hope those of you who don’t think Climate Change is real will begin to wake up and see the vast changes in our weather. Massive fires in West are burning thousands of acres that will take years to restore, along with loss of homes and life. Major category 4 storms hit the Gulf coast and destroy towns and massive flooding in the south and mid west….let alone the heat waves we have had in the east and torrential rains. We had better wake up soon.

I am glad we are out of Afghanistan but what a mess it was for us to get out of there and I must admit I feel very sad for all those lives lost for what and lives altered forever by serving there so long. My prayer is that somewhow we can find peace in that part of the world and learn from our past experiences as a country as to how to interact in the crazy world we find ourselves in.

The newest peice of News in my life is that I have to have a biopsy in October…..rest assured I am ready and able to deal with whatever I am dealt here. My faith has been strengthened thoughout the past months and I now realize that nothing can separate me from the love and peace of God. My daily Bible readings and study and a lot of prayer has truly helped me get through some pretty rough times. Also I am blessed with a family that loves and supports me .

More music is on the horizon so stay tuned for more of my music. I hope you will enjoy it.

Well that’s all for now. I hope that you all have a blessed day and do something kind for someone. Peace and Love

The Retired IT and Musician Guy